Haute Makeup® Vision & Philosophy

Grand Master Hautician® Michelle Park is the founder and president of Haute Makeup® Incorporated, a worldwide luxury class micropigmentation brand for absolutely natural-looking semi-permanent makeup techniques.

Our company name defines how we view business and beauty. We are Haute Makeup®, as in haute couture, as in “high fashion” quality. Selecting only hypoallergenic materials and state of the art hygienic practices, our company’s promise is to use high-quality products for our colors, devices, and semi-permanent makeup products for the safety and beauty of our clients.

The key to our services and client happiness is naturalness in form and color – we have been successfully and innovatively striving toward this goal in our semi-permanent makeup method for over twenty years and have emerged into implementing our experience into action with Haute Makeup®.

Our method treats each client’s face with a personalized and intimate approach to style. We aim to create the most balanced and harmonious result to further our clients’ natural features.


Our brand color Pantone Emerald focuses this ideology of ours – eye-catching and elegant, Haute Makeup® is a company that is lively and sophisticated, that wants to give clients a sense of well-being and rejuvenation through our patented semi-permanent makeup methodology. Growth and prosperity welcome every Hautician® who follows our philosophy for high-quality luxury micropigmentation.