Introduction & Concept of Haute Makeup® Bespoke Method™

A fast-growing and increasingly popular market of the beauty industry, permanent makeup can transform your skills to providing a lasting positive difference in the everyday lives of your clients. 

Made for the modern salon, the Haute Makeup® Bespoke Method™ is the contemporary approach to creating a brand name service, aimed at performing micropigmentation with finesse.

Semi-permanent makeup technicians who have an eye for beauty, are detail-oriented, and are talented in artistry – they are known as Hauticians® trained by Haute Makeup®.

Haute Makeup®’s semi-permanent makeup training courses center on our concept of balanced, harmonious, and naturally beautiful micropigmentation. We are focused on creating easy-to-understand lessons, promoting high-quality micropigmentation skills, and instilling good habits to students.

Permanent makeup training can be confusing and convoluted, with information that is sometimes contradictory and unclear. The Haute Makeup® Bespoke Method™ is easy semi-permanent makeup training. Designed for clarity and focused on individual success, Haute Makeup® training courses touch upon the fundamentals of permanent makeup, skin dermatology, hygienic practices according to North American laws, color theory and pigment composition, and marketing to help each Haute Makeup® Hautician® achieve their potential.

Our training programs are made with simplicity in mind yet have valuable information to help students start their careers. Our ideology is to reinvent the way people view permanent cosmetics and to restore confidence to permanent makeup artists who feel unsatisfied by their old methods.

Haute Makeup®’s training emphasizes on true semi-permanent makeup technique, which lasts longer than microblading but will get lighter and lighter over the course of a year so that clients are never stuck with a shape like a tattoo makeup. With the intensive study on proper make-up drawing techniques, strengthening core skills in eye training for imperfections, and hands-on learning with the device – Haute Makeup Hauticians® graduate with confidence on what they want to do for their clients.

Offering different courses to suit students’ needs, along with education for fully-trained Hauticians® for improving skills and upgrading service repertoires, luxury micropigmentation is possible with Haute Makeup®!

After the completion of a course, Hauticians® gain an emphasized marketing presence, and through the Haute Monde Network, every Haute Makeup® student has continued support from Haute Makeup®’s District Mentors and Regional Masters, as well as headquarters for their questions and concerns. Join the high society of semi-permanent makeup professionals. Welcome to the Haute Monde Network.


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