To be good is not enough; you must be among the best!

When you experience the Haute Makeup® Bespoke Method™ close-up, you’ll become incredibly enthusiastic about the skills and techniques you can learn to provide a highly advanced level of treatment you and your clients will be extremely impressed with.

Haute Makeup® continues to provide a better alternative to unprofessional permanent makeup training. Students who have felt lost or confused from their previous experiences can find clarity with Haute Makeup®’s semi-permanent make-up training courses. Our training programs are designed for simplicity yet contain valuable information to help the Hautician® start a career. Our training ideology is to reinvent the way people view permanent cosmetics and to restore confidence to permanent make-up artists who feel unsatisfied by their old methods.

Our semi-permanent make-up workshops focus mainly on proper makeup application with makeup pencils, strengthening core skills, eye training, hands-on learning with the device and models, and developing key habits to ensure confidence in one’s abilities.

Haute Makeup® offers different courses to suit their students’ needs, along with continuing education for fully trained Hautician®s for improving skills and upgrading service repertoires.

  • The fundamental Essential course covers cosmetic micropigmentation for the eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Create feathered, hair strokes, fuller lashes, and beautifully shaped lips.
  • The advanced Elite course covers correction of bad permanent makeup mistakes and harder techniques such as wrinkle softening and beauty marks.
  • Our Medi-Camouflage course covers camouflage of facial and body scars and skin problems like vitiligo.
  • And if you have a passion for teaching, the Haute Makeup® Trainer Course is perfect for you.

When you train with Haute Makeup®, you’re never alone. District Mentors and Regional Masters teach the courses, answer your questions and provide our products. With the Haute Monde Network, you have extra benefits – shared company marketing, and increased business traffic online and offline thanks to supporting from headquarter. Always feel connected and confident with Haute Makeup® training.

Our training programs are customized for each student to enable you to achieve excellence in your work. Our areas of expertise include semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and even concealing and camouflaging pigmentation services. We are able to help clients and patients gain a better quality of life by improving their appearance.

During the training course, students will be studying topics including but not limited to dermatology, proper hygiene and sanitation, devices, color theory and pigment colors, and Haute Makeup®’s technique for both preliminary drawing and semi-permanent makeup. Trainers will be personalizing their lesson plans for students in the areas of marketing and material and systems, as each student may have varying types of clientele, and levels of expertise within the beauty industry.

A personal commitment to achieving best results and receiving high-quality training are the basis for your career’s success.

With the professional training offered by Haute Makeup®, you can get ahead of the competition who may be offering the same type of service.