Please find the below frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: How many other students will I be training with?

A: Depending on the popularity and timing of the course you may be training with 1-3 other students. Class sizes are small to ensure one-on-one instruction for optimum training results. Courses do not start unless we have two fully registered and paid students per course date.

Q: How often are training courses held?

A: Training courses are held periodically throughout the year. There are several types of training courses available for each individual student.

Q: What kind of certification do I receive when I complete the training course?

A: After completing one of our Cosmetic courses (Essential, Intensive), you will receive a Comprehensive Cosmetic Certification. You can only take the Elite and Medical courses after completing the Essential or Intensive course. Be aware that a certification from Haute Makeup® is not a substitution for all necessary public health legislation or business licenses. Each county/state/country may have differing health laws related to permanent and semipermanent make-up. Always be aware of the rules in your district.

Q: Who provides the training?

A: Training courses offered at Haute Makeup® Beverly Hills, the US flagship location, are provided by Michelle Park, Grand Master Hautician® in North America, Europe, and Asia. Grand Master Hautician® Michelle has 18 years of active experience with Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-Up and other permanent makeup techniques, and through her work in the micropigmentation field she has developed her own Haute Makeup Bespoke Method®. She is assisted by her training team from each different region called the Regional Masters or District Mentors, who are specialized in US tattooing practices, FDA policies, cosmetics, as well as marketing and business management.

Q: When can I purchase the pigmentation device and colors?

A: Haute Makeup® has an online store in which we are a vendor of trusted micropigmentation pigment providers and device developers. Hautician® trained by Haute Makeup® have reduced membership prices and more access to products. Prices may differ via region.

Q: What is the difference between the Essential (6 days) and the Intensive (3 days)?

A: The course are practically similar as they all feature the Comprehensive Cosmetic Certification, however the course length differs for each type of student. Any student with no permanent makeup experience should take the Essential. Permanent make-up artists with more than 3 years of active experience should take the Intensive.

Q: What is the Elite Course?

A: The Elite training course is for fully-trained Hauticians® who have completed their Essential or Intensive training course. After a minimum of 6 months after their initial course, Hauticians® have the option to take continuing education and further their talents by beginning corrective pigmentation to fix bad permanent makeup as well as more advanced cosmetic micropigmentation techniques. Read more about the Elite course here.

If you have any further question for training, please feel free to contact us.

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