What our clients say...

Love my eyebrows. I lost my eyebrows and had to draw. I hated it. Now they look so natural! Procedure was not too painful. Everything was great. I will be back,

Jaqiue J

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you’ve done on my eyebrows. Enjoy your Friday mochas on me


Thanks to the excellent work on my eyebrows. So gentle and picante even I take so long to draft the one I like. Customer satisfaction 110%.


Thanks again Michelle for a fabulous touch-up. I love the professionalism of all your staff. I have had many compliments, simply the best.

Pat Wan

Had the whole works done I am very happy with the results. The colour michelle picked for my lips has been admired by many people an it is sure a thrill to wake up in the morning and be ready to go out! Michelle you are kind!

Rebecca Coche

I have been considering the procedure for about a year as my hands become less steady and my eye sight less focused. Why didn’t I have it done a long time ago!! Thanks for the professionalism.


I am getting to the age where all my friends think I need some help. Had me brows tattooed. What a wonderful difference. Very pleased with the treatment and the care and experience shown  and the staff.  Thank you.


Thank you for my professional treatment at your spa  and the wonderful results. What a time saver and I look good even when first getting up. I have been told I look younger, great! Thanks again,


The product and follow up service is wonderful. I am so happy that I took this opportunity. I wish I had known about it years ago. It is never too late. Thank you so much!

Liuda Andwers

I have had my eyebrows done as I was losing hair and they look fantastic. I also had my eyes and lips done and they look as fabulous! I highly recommend their services!

Kelly Jullen

This is the 2nd time here for services. I have very little eyebrows so it is great to not have to apply them myself everyday. Great service!

Candace Cooper

Not only do I feel better about myself confidence, I have found a new me. I feel and look younger

Alice Brown

What an improvement on my eyebrows! Wow I cant believe it. My mornings are no longer spent painting on my eyebrows. Thank you so much! You guys are great!


Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, many many compliments I had all three procedures( eyebrow, eyeliner and lip) and love them all!

Naurea Jienen

I had half an eyebrow on the right side due to an accident 7 years ago. I hated the way it looked. Was delighted to hear about them and I am truly amazed and pleased at the wonderful job Thank you.


The workmanship and attitudes of the beautiful people here are professional and show confidence in their training and work. The results were not only to by satisfaction but more expertly done than I had dared hope for.

Taffy Ceuderse

I’m extremely pleased with the results of my eyebrow, eyeliner and lips. Thanks to the friendly staff. I’ll recommend the treatment to my friends. Thanks Michelle for your patience.


Wonderful job on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I feel like I’ve had a brow lift. I will be sure to tell all my friends.

Bonnie Wright

Michelle did an excellent job on my eyebrows. They look very natural and suit my face.

Thank you so much!


I love my eyeliner. It is so nice not to have to worry about raccoon eyes. Would recommend it.

Braela Gablons

I’m probably the biggest chicken and I did it! Worth it. Thank you.


Thank you so  much. You ladies are very talented and sweet. I look so much better with very little effort now. Thanks again.

B. Goodon

For the fantastic work you did on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I love getting up in the morning looking ready to go! Can’t wait to get my humming bird tattoo next week. Thank you again.

May Louise

Very pleased with my new eyebrows! Wonderful job. Will be back and have recommended to friends.

Thank you so much!

Michelle Larmen


Thank you so much for your patience and expertise. I hope to be back soon for more.

Judi Lirnhelt

I think anyone who has the time, should invest in getting their lips coloured. My lips were so pale and without lipstick looked very washed out. Now with my lips coloured I never have to worry.


The repair to my eyebrows is lovely. Thank you

Lauren Whyte

I began with wanting new lips and after several return trips I had my eyes and eyebrows done. What a difference! I am enjoying my new face and love the staff here.


Thank you very much! What a difference 2. love my new lips and will be back for touch-ups


Thank you. The look really had made a difference both to my look and of course to the time it takes me to finish the make-up look. You were a delight to have as a professional. I enjoyed you friendliness and you energy. The lip? No doubt see you.

Helen Roelofson

This has best for Danielle 12yr who plucked her eyebrows out at age 10. They never grow back. She tried make-up it wouldn’t stay on. She stopped swimming and sat out soccer practice if it was raining. She would always ask me if her eyes were still on. Since, she is free able to enjoy herself as a child free and living free. (As for myself I love not having to balance my eyebrow make-up every morning.

Kathy and Danielle

I had my eyeliner done. I love it. It looks perfect! I love to wake up every morning to my already make-up face! My husband says it looks fantastic and natural but better. Thank you. My lips are next!


I had my eyebrows done. It’s wonderful waking up in the morning with perfect eyebrows. 

Terry P.

Had my eyes and lips done. Love it.


I love my face. Every morning I look at the happy face. I’m your customer forever.

Yuetta Caslsea

This has given me the freedom in my life to run out the door without a thought of drawing eyebrows on or applying lipstick. 

Alley Allen


Many thanks for your wonderful work. 

Angie Bingham

Michelle, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to improve the face I show to the world. I appreciate your gentleness, your efficiency, extreme attention to detail and cleanliness and your fair treatment at the till!!! Keep up the great work and your staff are  exceptional! 

Kathy S.

I cannot express enough thanks for the incredible experience. After receiving a terrible permanent make-up application, it was a huge relief to have met the wonderful staff. Your amazing talent truly corrected the previous permanent make-up mistake. You have made it possible for me to go out without eyebrow make-up for the first time, in a long time. 


Thank you so much for my new eyebrow! I’ve had several compliments in the last two weeks. Mostly my friends notice how natural they look. I feel so much better not worrying about putting them on every morning! I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks. 

Paula Rossett

I am very pleased with the results of this procedure and will highly recommend to all my friends and colleagues. Found all personal to be friendly and very professional. Surroundings were exceptionally clean and sterile. 


Klaire Orgarati

I now have perfectly shaped eyebrows and love them! What a difference in how my face looks. Best thing I’ve done for myself. 

Tracey Wynes


I am thrilled with the results. Brows, eyeliner and lips! Its so easy to get ready in the morning! 


Linda Mlevey

Thank you for the excellent job you did on my eyeliner. I love it. Every women should indulge themselves. It’s a great time saver for the early morning rush preparation. 

Juse Ruth

Dear Michelle

Thank you for your talent and patience. It is not easy to trust somebody in this field and specially dealing with your face. Very delicate operation in order to satisfy and relax your clients, you reached it. Very nice and friendly staff. 

Thank you!


To Michelle,

You have a special talent to work very gently on even the most difficult clients like myself. I am very pleased with my eyeliner results. 


Thank you so much! I love how you have recreated my eyebrows to the natural shape and color. I am impressed with your professional conduct and natural talent. I would highly recommend your services to my closest friends. 

Deidre Dulbransen

Having my eyebrows done is the best thing I ever did for myself. The procedure and staff have been most professional. 


Thank you very much. I really do love my eye-liner. I have referred you to many people, will continue to do so. 

Tina Bossley

I have had my eyebrows, upper and lower lids and lips lined. Firstly I have saved about 15 minutes of time in the morning and my face looks fresh 24hrs a day. After swimming I don’t have liner streaking and no more lipstick left behind on glasses and cups. The girls are very professional and very artistic. Very knowledgeable with the procedure. At no time did I feel I was ever in incapable hands. I highly recommend them to my friends. 

Dolle Roger

The treatment on my lips has changed my life. I had no color in my lips whatsoever. My makeup bag was filled with all manner of lip liner, lipstick, etc. Now I have natural looking rosy lips that look good alone or with lipstick. I was very nervous about the procedure which was recommended by my dermatologist. The estheticians did a complete makeup session, which took about an hour, showing me what it would look like. I was so please that I said, “Let’s just do it now.” My lips were a little swollen but not really noticeable. 

Denise S.

Michelle Park is absolutely top notch. A total pro. I had my eyebrows and eye-liner done three years ago, liked the result so much that I had lips done a little later. Yes, there were follow-up appointments, yes it was painful. No pain, no gain. But the results are absolutely flawless. I am scheduled for another round, as 3 years later I’m a little faded. Would NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

Blythe M.

For the longest time I had wanted to tattoo my eyebrows but whenever I saw someone who had had it done, I never liked the way it looked. One day, after an appointment, I spotted the salon and walked into their shop in Beverly Hills. I was greeted in the most friendly and professional manner by Ashley and Michelle who explained their process to me. I was convinced that this was the methodology for me and made an appointment for the following day. I could not have been happier with the results. So much so that a few weeks later, I went back and had both my lips and eyeliner tattooed. I found Michelle and Ashley to be meticulous, artistic, careful, caring and completely committed to service me, as their client. 

It has always been important for me not to fuss too much with my makeup. But looking good and presentable is just as important. This process has made all the difference in the world. I don’t have to worry about spending hours on my face. I’m good to go as soon as I wake up and I’m happy to say that it all looks extremely natural. I cannot recommend Michelle and Ashley highly enough. 

Ingez R.

I am very happy with my eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. I gave myself this gift for my 65th birthday and it really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Michelle was very professional and I had absolute faith in her technique. Lina was always pleasant and welcoming. I am happy I had this done here.

Georgina Horrison

Georgina Horrison

I am so pleased with the results! Due to my visual impairment, it is difficult for me to apply makeup. I thought for a long time about doing this and I am so glad I did. Michelle, I so professional and carrying. Her skill and technique have been consistent and professional. I have received so many compliments from friends, family, and co-workers. It makes me feel like a movie star. Thanks, everybody. One very happy, satisfied customer!

Tracy Slzigh

Tracy Slzigh


I heard about Long-Time-Liner on the radio and thought the idea of semi-permanent make-up was a great idea. I then entered a contest with 104.9 Clear FM and won!! I was so excited and chose to have my eyebrows done. The Linergist who created my perfect brows was Christina. She did a wonderful job of choosing just the right colour and shaping me brows. My definitely return for a touch-up in about a year and would consider further procedures as well.

Thank you for your professional service in the comfort of your beautiful shop.


Kathy Brandon

Kathy Brandon

My experience here has been more than satisfactory! The look of my brows is natural, the shape is perfect, the service is impeccable with everyone is warm and helpful as they can be. The overall experience was comfortable and more than expected.

I appreciate everything and everyone at Haute Makeup. Michelle Park the Grand Master Hautician® is outstanding. Ashley park, Elite Hautician® is also extremely talented. Besides their talent, the energy that surrounds them is very positive. I trust their abilities completely and I am filled with gratitude that they are in my life.

Tory Briggs

Tory Briggs