What makes Haute Makeup® unique?

It is the innovative approach to permanent makeup that gives clients natural-looking results. It is less painful than your average permanent makeup and involves no bleeding whatsoever because it is less traumatic to the skin.

It’s no doubt that semi-permanent makeup can be an advantage for everyday wear for all individuals.

As there is a starting base, your makeup application time can be reduced, saving time in the day. Now you can wake up with less work to do thanks to your Haute Makeup®. Dress it up however you like depending on the occasion.

In other cases, the aging process can affect your face. Eyebrows can thin out and lose hair, leading to the irregular shape. Lips can shrink, be washed out due to fading pigmentation around the mouth, or have lipstick bleeding because of fine wrinkles around the lips. For individuals who lack the ability to grow hair from over-plucking, chemotherapy treatments, or skin disorders; semi-permanent makeup can be a solution for them.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are the most popular service we offer. A pair of well-shaped eyebrows frames the face and can emulate youthfulness for any client. Semi-permanent eyeliner makes eyelashes look darker and fuller, and our lip service balances out the shape and color so that applying makeup takes no time at all!

Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades evenly, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. Because Haute Makeup® fades evenly, it is easy for clients to change their shape and color instead of building up an ugly permanent shade. Haute Makeup® clients do not have to make a lifetime commitment! They can update their look however they want or completely let it fade away and disappear as time goes on.

With Haute Makeup®, clients can rest assured since our know-how of color composition, skin dermatology, and our over 20 years of experience in the semi-permanent makeup has led to our company’s promise to only work with safe pigment providers for our clients, medical-grade hygienic practices, and highly-detailed method.


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