Hautician® - an Haute Makeup® Beautician

Hauticians® Create harmonious faces. Enhance eyebrow fullness. Give eyelashes depth. Feature attractive lips in all shapes and shades. Define the personal style of your client. Are semi-permanent makeup professionals like none other.

An Haute Makeup® Hautician® is a thoroughly trained and licensed semi-permanent makeup artist, specialized in the naturally beautiful Haute Makeup® Bespoke Method™ style of micropigmentation. Exclusively certified by Haute Makeup®, these skilled and talented professionals have a wide knowledge of permanent makeup, skin dermatology, pigment, and color, and are top stylists for luxury micropigmentation.

Hauticians® strive to personalize our interactions as each client is unique. One thing that separates being a Hautician® from other professions is the reward that we help clients achieve success in looking their best. Clients with Haute Makeup® feel less stress and save time when applying their conventional makeup, as the semi-permanent makeup works either as a base or to replace the makeup itself. Give your clients a fresh everyday look that has people noticing their beauty but not knowing their secret!