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The reason is that Haute Makeup® is a high-quality semi-permanent makeup service is because Hauticians® adhere to strict guidelines for quality assurance that clients cannot find anywhere else. The combination of our permanent makeup devices, colors, and technique provides a luxury service that you will appreciate. Say goodbye to cheap, unnatural tattoo makeup results! You have an eye for quality.

Each Hautician® listed in the Haute Monde Network is fully-trained from an official Haute Makeup® training center. Always check to see if your Hautician® has their certification showing that they are skilled in creating naturally beautiful semi-permanent makeup.

A Hautician® is knowledgeable and honest and will make sure you know everything about the service to find the best results. They will not do any inappropriate work that doesn’t reflect who you are. Each Hautician® is professional and experienced, with genuine love in helping you create a harmonious and beautiful appearance – your way.

Ashley Park, Elite Hautician®

Elite Hautician® Ashley Park is based mainly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Primarily a Vancouver semipermanent makeup artist, Ashley’s expertise are in semipermanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. As an Elite Hautician®, she is able to do permanent makeup corrections, often fixing bad tattoo makeup for clients. She has about five years of experience with micropigmentation.…