Beauty Hacks for People with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is the hottest new beauty trend of the past five years, with new brow bars appearing every other day in North America alone! New and improved, this is not the old tattoo eyebrows of the past but wholly revolutionized in stylish and hygienic practices. People, young and old, men and women, can benefit from semipermanent makeup, which lasts around one to two years.

Microblading eyebrows are the most prominent IT thing in the micropigmentation market right now. Full, sculpted, and Instagrammable eyebrows are things to envy, and to die for! With a proper technician and great technique, semipermanent eyebrows can accentuate a person’s natural brow coverage. For example, hair stroking techniques can easily “connect” short, uneven, and patchy hairs on the brows for a younger, fuller, and natural look.

However, when you already have your eyebrows, semipermanent eyeliner, and lips done, what can you do more?

The best way to show off your semipermanent makeup is finding ways to highlight the cost-effectiveness and the time you save on regular makeup!

For microbladed eyebrows with pigment deposited into the skin, it is crucial to remember that the color is sitting underneath, in the epidermis/dermis. Due to this, the color will appear lighter if you have your foundation or cover up near your eyebrows! Always remember to wipe off any excess foundation or powder on your eyebrows to showcase your perfectly arched brows in their true color. Additionally, get a light to a medium shade close to your eyebrow and subtly darken the edges for the fresh and sculpted Instagram Brow.

Semi-permanent eyeliner can be used as an easy guide for extreme cat eyes, and other decorative eye makeup. To best utilize the micropigmentation, color in your lashes with your favorite color, from something casual to brown or black to bright like blue or green. Wearing the colorful liner over your already pigmented liner makes bold looks done in a snap!

It is the year of the lips! Overdrawing your natural lip line is becoming familiar with stars like Kylie Jenner championing the movement. When your perfect pucker is semi-permanent, you might think there aren’t many options! However, that’s not true at all. You can use your semipermanent color to layer different colors to create your day to nighttime look in a snap. Well-pigmented lips will have an even “base” for coverage with lipsticks and lip stains. There won’t be areas where it’s imbalanced at the edges due to natural skin color, as the semi-permanent makeup technician should have balanced the shape.

Adding a sheer white over the lips creates a fresher and brighter daytime look, and you can’t go wrong with a neutral red lip stain to bolden your lip color for a night out on a date or the town with friends!

Microblading and semipermanent makeup is now your next tool in your beauty kit! A skilled semipermanent makeup artist can help you discover your best natural look, and give your brows, eyeliner, and lips which make your life easier.

Work your makeup routine around your “base”, and spend less time perfecting the foundation with micropigmentation! The extra time you can devote to trying new looks without worrying you’re going to be ruining a face, and a canvas to play around!

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